Young doctors in Lahore continue to add to citizens’ woes

LAHORE: The young doctors in Lahore have turned insensitive to the woes of citizens as they continue to stage a sit-in on the Mall Road for the fifth consecutive day, offering immense difficulties for the masses to move from one place to other.

The stubbornness of young doctors in Lahore and the helplessness of the provincial administration have rendered the Lahore populace with no solution to their problems as they continue to face serious difficulties while going to work and coming back home, in the wake of the sit-in at Mall Road.

The flow of traffic on main thoroughfares in the provincial capital is greatly affected due to the ongoing demonstration, as the so-called messiahs have been laying siege to the Club Chowk on Mall Road for past five days.

These medics and paramedics seek restoration of their fellows and nurses who were found involved in subjecting a patient and his relatives to brutal torture. To achieve this, they have been staging a protest sit-in at the Club Chowk.

The blockade of Mall Road has impacted other thoroughfares and arteries in Lahore, which have been forced to lie closed for hours. Amid this, the citizens continue to curse the ones claiming to be their ‘saviours’.

On the other hand, the administration of Mayo Hospital has sought services of some other doctors and paramedics.

The nurses participating in the sit-in kept deceiving hospital administration as they arrived at the hospital to mark them ‘present’, but later left to join the fellows at the demonstration.

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