US not to speak on ‘specific reports’ on LoC

WASHINGTON: The State Department on Monday said that the United States will not speak on the specific reports of incidents along the Line of Control.

During a press briefing, spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau said, “We urge calm and restraint on both sides. We understand that the militaries are in touch. We believe that that continued communication is vital to reduce these tensions”.

Trudeau that United States had not changed its position on the issue of Kashmir.

She said that only through contact could tensions and conflicts be brought down. She said that the USA had contacted both countries for the purpose of deescalating tensions between them.

“More focus is needed on issues such as conflicts, problems and escalating tensions,” she added.

Trudeau further said that the US has strong ties with both Pakistan and India and that her country will engage with both countries on that basis.

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