Three-day-baby in Rawalpindi dies due to tear gas shelling, family claims

RAWALPINDI: A three-day old baby died due to tear gas shelling by police, his family claimed.

The baby a resident of Garden College suffocated as police threw tear gas shells to disperse protesters. his father said. The family said it took them two and half hours to reach a hospital as roads were blocked with containers,

Doctors however claimed that the baby did not die because of teargas.

A government official added that the family’s residence did not come in the area where police and protesters clashed.

Chaos ensued Rawalpindi on Friday as roads leading to Lal Haveli were blocked by containers to prevent Awami Muslim League Chief Sheikh Rasheed from addressing a rally. Rasheed however managed to escape police by arriving at the venue on a motorcycle, addressing his workers and fleeing.

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