Pakistan Army chief calls on international community to condemn Indian fabrications

RISALPUR: Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif said any aggression by the country’s enemy would be met with a befitting response as he called on the international community to condemn Indian fabrications against Pakistan.

“We have recently witnessed an unfortunate display of utter desperation playing out inside Occupied Kashmir and along Line of Control through a litany of falsehoods and distortion of facts by India. We expect international community to condemn Indian insinuations and fabrications about a nation that has made unparallel contributions in the global fight against terrorism,” General Raheel Sharif said while addressing the passing-out parade of PAF cadets in Risalpur.

Pakistan’s Army chief added Pakistan’s enemies would now attempt to accelerate their efforts to reverse our gains and derail our progress through direct and indirect strategy. “Their nefarious designs will not be allowed to succeed at any cost. Resolute efforts to consolidate our gains in the only way forward for which we will not leave any stone unturned.”

General Raheel Sharif vowed that any aggression or deliberate miscalculation by the enemy will not go unpunished.

The Army Chief asserted that Pakistan Armed Forces are highly vigilant and committed to their collective resolve of defending the motherland and defeating the enemy’s nefarious designs.

Drawing attention to the Armed Forces’ efforts in the war against terrorism, General Raheel Sharif said that the Pakistan Army has successfully rooted out terrorist infrastructure and also defeated the residual terrorist elements in the form of facilitators.

He said that Pakistan is a responsible and peace-loving country and is committed to maintaining friendly relations with its neighbours.

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