Pak-Afghan border remains shut on fourth day

CHAMAN: The Pak-Afghan border at Chaman remained closed for the fourth consecutive day on Sunday, with the NATO supply and cross-border trade suspended on both sides.

At the request of the Afghan Border Force, a flag meeting was called on Saturday, which remained fruitless.

The border gate was closed by the Pakistani forces four days back in protest against the insult meted out to the Pakistani flag at the border and the Afghan people’s act of throwing stones at the Bab-e-Dosti.

Due to the closure of the border gate, the trade between the two countries remained suspended for the fourth consecutive day. It is feared that fruit loaded on trucks stalled on both sides of the border may start rotting. Long queues of Nato containers and other trucks can be seen at the border.

Traders say they could face loss of crores of rupees if their trade items rotted. Four days ago, the Chaman tribesmen also staged a demonstration and torched an effigy of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to protest his statements about Balochistan. Official sources said the Afghan Border Force filmed the protest.

The border’s closure has also caused problems for people crossing the border from both sides to visit their relatives. Tight security arrangements have been made by the Pakistani forces on the border.

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