More anti-Trump protests in New York, Miami, Los Angeles

New York: Demonstrators took to the streets in New York City to oppose Donald Trump´s election as US president for a fourth straight day Friday.

Some 1,200 people gathered in the Washington Square neighborhood of lower Manhattan, some carrying enormous red balloons and placards with hearts and the words “peace and love.”

Others held signs reading “Your Wall Can´t Stand in Our Way” — a reference to the anti-immigration barrier the billionaire real estate baron has promised to build on the US border with Mexico.

Demonstrators said they wanted to show solidarity with those they feel may be targeted by Trump´s policies once he takes office in January, including Mexicans and Muslims.

“We´re here to support the people that Trump has insulted, to show our children that we all have a voice, and to stand up for people´s rights,” said Kim Bayer, 41.

“We´re afraid a Trump administration will be a disaster for human rights. I´ve never been so scared in my life. We need to be out here and be loud.”

Another protester, Jamie, 25, said the demonstration aimed “to send a message of love to anybody who´s feeling threatened, who´s afraid of being targeted — to immigrants, to minorities, to anybody shaken by the (election) result.”

“There´s a lot of uncertainty and we need a message of love,” she said.

Organizers plan another large demonstration in the same location on Saturday.

Meanwhile, about a thousand protesters took part in an apparently spontaneous demonstration in Miami, hoisting signs against racism and opposing the deportation of undocumented immigrants.

At a small protest in Los Angeles, about two dozen women wearing shorts and sports bras locked arms and staged a brief flash mob-style protest in the middle of a freeway south of Los Angeles Friday, causing traffic to come to a standstill.

Several of the women carried placards that read “Unity” as they marched down the four-lane freeway in Costa Mesa.

Since Trump´s shock victory on Tuesday over Democrat Hillary Clinton, who had been widely tipped to win, thousands have protested in cities across the United States.

While most of the demonstrations have been peaceful, officials said some erupted in violence that caused property damage.

There has also been an uptick in violence by both Clinton and Trump supporters against partisans on the other side, law enforcement officials said.

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