Light shows illuminate northeast China cities

The light shows in the World Landscape Art Exposition Garden in Jinzhou City and the Yinggeshi botanic garden in Dalian City illuminate cities during the summer nights in northeast China’s Liaoning Province.

As night approaches, the Jinzhou World Landscape Art Exposition Garden is illuminated by 100 million lights which entranced visitors in a world of fantasy and romance. Stepping into the first World Expo garden on the sea, it’s as if one is crossing a misty forest into another realm to begin a journey through the land of dreams and wonder.

More than 100 creative teams are responsible for the colorful, luminescent creations in the garden. With the theme of “Peace and Prosperity”, the dreamscape takes visitors through the major episodes of life, with sections such as “Roiling Clouds” “Fast Money” “LOVE” “Radiant Moonlight” “Tunnel of Time” and the “Happiness Corridor” symbolizing the experiences of entrepreneurship, marriage, childrearing, and ultimately finding true happiness.

To advance the development of night economy of Dalian City, the Yinggeshi botanic garden also presents light show and other colorful activities including sea of flowers, music and delicious food to visitors, which provides a good chance for tourists from other places to enjoy the beauty of the seaside city.

“We invite designer from Taiwan. His design style can be fit into terrain by using light to express the beauty of the Yinggeshi Botanic Garden at night,” said Tang Zhonglei, director of Marketing Department of Yinggeshi Botanic Garden.

“It feels very dreamy at night in comparison of tranquil lotus pond in the daytime. When evening comes, it feels like a fairyland which induces me to explore,” said Zi Xuan, a tourist.

Courtesy: Geo

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