Khawaja Asif’s words can’t be regarded true blue expression of remorse: Bakhtawar

KARACHI: The expression of remorse tendered by Federal Minister Khwaja Asif over his deprecatory comments in the National Assembly can not the slightest bit be esteemed as an authentic conciliatory sentiment, Bakhtawar Bhutto-Zardari said on Thursday.

In a tweet conveyed to her 1.04 million adherents, Bakhtawar – the girl of previous Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto – said that Asif did not endeavor to apologize yet rather attempted to legitimize his words, which were broadly reprimanded by legislators over the floor.

“Not the slightest bit would this be able to be regarded as a real expression of remorse – does not endeavor to apologize yet rather legitimize,” Bakhtawar said in the tweet to her 1.04 million devotees.

Bakhtawar’s tweet was sent as an answer to a prior tweet by Khawaja Asif conveying a photograph of his statement of regret tended to the NA Speaker.

Prior today, Bakhtawar’s more youthful sister Aseefa additionally joined faultfinders in censuring the government clergyman over his defamatory comments about PTI official Shireen Mazari in the National Assembly on Friday.

She took to Twitter to express her aversion and said Khawaja Asif’s dialect was unsuitable and disdainful towards ladies and against the etiquette of the National Assembly.

Aseefa likewise asked Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s little girl Maryam Nawaz to pay heed to Asif’s conduct.

“As a lady, please make quick notice and move,” she asked Maryam Nawaz.

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