Imran unfazed by PTI defeats in by-polls

ISLAMABAD: The nonstop defeat of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan in consecutive by-elections held in less than four weeks has not dampened his spirits to campaign hard for the success of his Raiwind march.

The rout has also not encouraged him to do serious contemplation and reflection as to what is happening to his party in the by-polls when he claims he is at the height of his popularity and believes that his graph would further ascend due to his consistent agitation.

The unceasing electoral setbacks especially loss of even those seats that the PTI had won in the 2013 general elections was required to persuade Imran Khan into doing some introspection with a view of putting his act together to brace up for the grand fight in 2018. But unfortunately, he is more obsessed with street protests on the premise that this is the best trajectory that will bring further dividends. Maybe, this is the only way left to him to keep his voters worked up and maintain the semblance of unity in the party.

However, there is no doubt that the PTI is in tatters, marred by factionalism and infighting and chaos. This aspect needs Imran Khan’s utmost attention well before the great parliamentary scramble, but that is not the priority.

His deliberate excessive exposure and high-watt publicity is turning out to be his biggest nemesis and challenge. As he drums up support for the Raiwind march, he addresses more than one presser in a day and keeps repeating himself for innumerable times.

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