Human Rights violation in Kashmir has reached alarming heights: FO

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Foreign Office on Thursday said that human rights violation in Kashmir had reached alarming heights.

“Indian occupying forces’ atrocities have taken toll of over 18 innocent Kashmiris’ lives and inflicted injuries to thousands, including continued use of pellet guns to cause injuries to the eyes,” the foreign office spokesman said.

The Foreign Office called upon the United Nations and other human rights organization to step up their act to stop bloodshed in the occupied territory.

The foreign office criticized the role of Indian media in unjustly blaming the Uri Attack on Pakistan.  “The character of Indian media and the ethics followed by them is also visible in the hype it created after Uri’s reported incident,” a statement by the Foreign Office said.

Pakistan has nothing to gain from such attacks, the foreign office said.

Example of the Samjhota Express Attack was quoted to give context to India’s thought process.

“In the recent past like Samjhauta Express terrorist attack of 2007, when India was quick in blaming Pakistan for the incident, but had the tables turned on itself when in 2010, leader of their extremist and terrorist organization RSS, Swami Aseemanand, confessed that he was the mastermind behind the terrorist attack,” the Foreign Office said.

The FO lamented the loss of innocent live in the Mohmand Attack. It congratulated Haider Ali who won Bronze Medal at Paralympic Games in Rio this year, and shared the new world record of 6.44 meter jump.

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