Heavy smog claims 17 lives in Punjab

LAHORE: At least 17 people have died in different smog-related incidents in Punjab, while the polluted haze has also resulted in outbreak of diseases in several cities of the province.

At least two people were killed and five injured on Friday when two truck collided near Harrappa, Sahiwal.

The prevailing smog in Punjab has been causing enough difficulties to the citizen, as they complain of breathing issue, throat infection and pneumonia. An increase in number of patients is being observed at hospitals, with particularly young and elderly people in majority among them.

During last 12 hours, as many as 1,200 patients visited hospitals due to smog-related emergencies. In Jinnah Hospital, 130 children and 30 senior citizens were brought to hospital’s emergency.

Motorway reopened

The motorway – leading from Lahore to Pindi Bhattian and from Pindi Bhattian to Faisalabad – has also been reopened after a brief closure as the visibility came down to zero on Thursday night. Authorities have advised the masses to travel at low speed and use fog lamps to avoid accidents.

Motorway authorities have advised people to travel and groups and maintain distance between cars.

Health advisory

Health experts have advised the people to avoid going out unnecessarily and recommended wearing masks and glasses while in open. It is further recommended that the heart patients should take steam regularly and avoid cold beverages.

‘Rain expected’

Meanwhile, Director General Pakistan Meteorological Department Dr. Ghulam Rasool informed that a weak rain system will be entering Pakistan, resulting in light rainfall in Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa and upper Punjab in next 24 hours, which will give a temporary relief to the citizens from smog.

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