Heavy fog prompts motorway closure in Punjab

LAHORE/ISLAMABAD: The spell of dense fog that began yesterday continued to disrupt movement of traffic in Punjab prompting closure of several sections of the motorway on Thursday, officials said.

The M2 motorway, connecting Rawalpindi and Islamabad to Lahore, was closed from Sial More to Lahore in the wake of zero visibility due to heavy fog, a spokesman for the Motorway Police said.

The M3 motorway, leading to Faisalabad from Pindi Bhattian, was also closed completely due to zero visibility, he added. From Islamabad to Sial Mor, light fog was observed with visibility 80-150 meters and the section remained open.

On GT Road, the visibility was 80-140 meters as light fog engulfed Kamonki, yet, it too remained open for traffic.

Smog, sore eyes

In Lahore, citizens felt it difficult to set out of homes and travel as heavy smog blanketed the city. People complained of sore eyes due to the heavy spell which was continued since yesterday.

Climate change

A 20-member special team of the Punjab government submitted its initial report on smog to Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Thursday.

The report states that due to the climate change many areas of the city are under heavy fog, advising people to travel carefully.

Health experts in the committee recommended that children and elderly citizens should be protected from smog and covered their faces with masks while going out. In case of sore eyes, wash them with fresh and cold water.

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