Efforts continue to rescue miners trapped 700m underground

HUB: Rescuers have reached a depth of 500 metres in efforts to reach miners stuck 700 metres below the surface in a mine near Winder, said project in-charge.

A 12-member rescue team which includes Army and FC personnel have reached the site.

The project in-charge added that some contact was established with the trapped miners when they clanked some metal objects.

According to teams present on site, three people including two Chinese engineers of which one has been identified as Mr. Wang along with a local worker identified as Anwar Jamot are stuck inside the Zinc mine which is located approximately 8 kilometres from Sonmiani.

The weather in the region is hot, increasing chances of suffocation.

DC Lasbela Syed Zulfiqar Shah and FC deployed teams to rescue the trapped miners on Monday, while Pakistan Army personnel are also among the rescuers. A special rescue team deployed from Islamabad via helicopter is also present on site to help with the operation.

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